I’m Helena, a PhD student at the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research at Beijing Institute of Technology (CEEP-BIT). I also participate in the Global Initiative for Distributed and Local Energy (DALE).

I’m interested in interdisciplinary research on distributed energy, focusing on blockchain implementation in energy. My work is under supervision of Prof. Yi-Ming Wei and Prof. Eric Martinot. 

Prior to my doctoral research, I studied Economics, Governance and Chinese in Hamburg, Bayreuth and Beijing. Throughout my studies I conducted comparative research on sustainability reporting in China, on clean energy policies and emission trading models. After completing my Master’s, I worked as a Project Manager at JSNR, an environmental company in Nanjing, and continued with professional training in Project Management and SAP Data Management.

Whether you like to talk about research or just want to say hi – I’d love to hear from you! Email me: helenauhde at zoho.com or find me on LinkedIn or Twitter!